Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. Freeze Came to Town

Nothing like waking up to -13 degree real temperature this morning to put two little words in your mind as you wake up. All schools closed thru Tuesday, grocery stores closing early, some restaurants and bars closed also. You know the wind chill is bad when bars in Wisconsin are closing. Prohibition couldn't do it but -40 degree wind chill factors apparently can. I'm not going to feel pity for myself though, but happiness for my amigos in the Florida Keys where it's 83 degrees and absolutely no wind this morning.

The Packers game in Green Bay yesterday wasn't quite as cold as today but close. Kudos to my friend Dennis for braving the elements to support his team at Lambeau Field. We texted throughout the game. I almost felt guilty watching the game in my balmy living room but I figured he was sufficiently liquored up to withstand the artic tundra. His team lost 23-20 and the 49er's march on to North Carolina to meet the Panthers.

Liz Cheney dropped out of the Wyoming senate republican primary citing family health issues. The writing was on the wall, she was going to get her ass handed to her by the Wyoming voters. She thought she could move to Wyoming and trade off her daddies name for a plush senate seat. Now she's taking her ball and moving back east. I'm sure Fox News will give her a million dollar gig to be another empty talking head.

The stock market is down today but the banks are doing really well. Investors are starting to remember the golden rule. Those that have the gold, make the rules!


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  1. Those that have the gold, make the rules!


    Thanks for the cudos!!! We need to getogether with a bunch of current and former Chase people before too long. Call it a late holiday party!!! What do you think? Yes I am Mr. A. Thanks for the market updates!!!