Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Dog Day in North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs when he had him executed last month. It is unconfirmed and may not be true but pretty brutal if it is true. It does strike me as odd though when Dennis Rodman seems to know more about this little thug than any CIA analyst.

General Mills has decided to ditch the genetically modified cheerios. I actually heard a talking head on CNBC say that kids would keep on eating cheerios no matter what. Really? Name one kid over speaking age that is clamoring for cheerios. It's breakfast with Captain Crunch or Tony the Tiger. This is why it's mandatory to do your own stock research. Plenty of idiotic stock analysts out there who haven't ventured into main street for quite a while.

A town in the western part of Germany had to be evacuated due to the discovery of a bomb from World War II. It happens several times a year actually and sometimes they blow up. Almost 69 years since the end of the war and it's still taking on casualties.

 Milwaukee actually turned an automobile assembly factory on Downer Avenue into a bomb factory during the war. Now it's part of UWM complete with some high end shops.

Michael Jordan's house in Deerfield, Illinois is back on the market for 16 million. He's been trying to sell it for the last 2 years even trying an auction with no avail. I actually lived about 5 miles away from him when he built it in 1995. I was living in a small house and he built this huge mansion.

Not much has changed. I live in another small house somewhere else and he built another mansion somewhere else.


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