Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Charlatan Congress

The 9-11 first responders funding expires today with no future funding look to be close. All these brave people risked their lives and some are now sick and this Congress turns their back on them. Shameful and the American people deserve better than this. Term limits will never happen as Congress votes on that and they will never fire themselves. They are a shameful bunch of charlatans who just sell themselves to the highest bidder because there is so much money in politics courtesy of a stacked Supreme Court.

John McCain takes the Senate floor today and won't be happy until he sees World War 3 start. Personally, I don't care if Russian soldiers die in the Middle East as opposed to our soldiers. I'd rather nobody die to be honest. Reagan had it right and avoided the Middle East at all costs as he knew nobody ever wins over there. 

Let the Russians bankrupt themselves again with another Afghanistan move just don't listen to the warmongers. McCain is a bitter old man who had to sit his war in a POW camp because he never learned how to fly airplanes very good. He wasn't very bright then and he isn't very bright now.

On a happier note, if the Cubs play an away playoff game they are going to show it at Wrigley Field which will indeed become the world's largest  saloon that night as Harry Caray used to say.

On an even brighter note it's cold and windy here but we leave for a quick visit to Arizona to see John and Angela on the red eye.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Hot Hand

I went 13-2 on my Sunday and Monday football picks making me 30-18 for the season. Smoking hot but no money on any of them.

Coco lost his soccer game 3-1 on a cold and windy fall day. What a change from yesterday when I was cooking out last night in a t-shirt.

Derrick Rose fractured his orbital today at the Bulls basketball camp. Better than his knee I guess but it's getting old.

They spotted a crocodile at Smathers Beach in Key West which is a popular area. Nobody can recall a crocodile ever making that far south to Key West before. They are protected animals so nobody can really do anything about it if it's spotted again. It was sunning itself on a rock which doesn't sound like a bad idea as I'm sitting here in a big sweatshirt contemplating turning on the heat!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Putin

I watched the 60 Minutes interview with the Putin interview. The media just portrays him as a pure thug but the guy came off as a very thoughtful speaker, intelligent with some keen insight. Fairly likable which people hate to hear but I have no doubt he can back himself up as a tough guy. I remember seeing a protester rushing towards him onstage. Everyone else backed away but Putin took a step forward with clenched fist without hesitation.

The CSI finale was just okay last night. William Peterson and Marge Helgenber had moved on to other ventures and they seemed a bit forced at times to find their old character persona. Still, I'm glad they came back as the show wouldn't have went 15 years without them. I did like how it shows time changing in the workplace. That is real. Everywhere that I ever worked the change happens so fast especially the few times when you really like the joint and the people.

They found water on Mars. Nice. Very nice. I still have no intention of ever going there no do I really care if they put a man on Mars. I like it here. I always have and I just wish we would quit trashing this planet. At this point I 'd be happy if more than 20% of the population cared including over half the people in Congress and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who would be very happy to put a coal plant in every town. As long as he's making a buck he doesn't care what you breathe or the color of the water you drink.

Caterpillar is laying off 10,000 workers I see. Many of them are in Wisconsin. They were a bunch of bastards when my Dad retired from there and nothing has changed.

GE in Waukesha, Wisconsin is laying off another 350 workers. They very seldom pay any state income tax yet they layoff workers every year. People are calling for Governor Walker to do something. He just simple replies that " it's working." Next on his agenda is extending the retirement age for state workers then going after the fire and police unions. I never saw a piece of shit with feet before. Then I saw the Governor walking down the street!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Football Week 3

Well, my football picks aren't that good. After Thursday's game I'm 17-16. I'm not even picking the Bears today because they are so bad. If it wasn't for the Cubs making the playoffs and giving us hope Sundays would be depressing.

I'm taking Atlanta, Tenn, Oakland, Cinn, NE, Carolina, Philly, Houston, Minn, Pitt, SF, Buff, Seattle, Denver, and Green Bay. We shall see.

Krissy comes back from up North this afternoon. I missed her terribly.

Computer problems again today. Slow, a c drive is full and the printer quit working. Just shoot it.

 Watched Carly Fiorina a couple times this weekend. She's really a hot head who can't seem to keep her composure. She keeps comparing herself to Steve Jobs because he was fired once. Lets keep it real. Jobs, despite not being a likeable guy really changed the world. Carly, despite not being a likeable lady almost ran a stalwart company into the ground and can't get a job since then so she decided to run for President and just run a campaign of hating everybody and everything.

Coco is working on his big science project today. Maybe he'll be a likeable Steve Jobs type.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cubs Clinch Playoff Berth

Make no mistake about it. The number one reason the Cubs made the playoffs this year with 8 games still left is one Mr. Joe Maddon. Last year this team won 73 and looked slightly better than the year before. Joe Maddon is the best damn baseball manager that I've ever seen.

A busy Saturday. Coco had soccer practice this morning and we're going out for basketball in a bit.

I'll do my football picks later and put them on tomorrow's blog. I'm just to caught up in the Cubs moment to look at the games.

Coco started up with guitar lessons again. The instructor walked in and thought he was playing Stairway to Heaven. He was actually playing Spanish Theme so I guess he still needs some work.

I knew Law & Order was a popular series but I turned it the television this morning and re-runs for it were on 3 different channels at the same exact time.

I'm washing Coco's shin guards extra hard today. He has the sock type where they are hard to slip on and the plastic is sewn in. They smell like a dead rat. I don't mind too much today. I actually don't mind much of nothing today because the Cubs are in the playoffs!!!!!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Boehner's Out

In a surprise move though not shocking, John Boehner is resigning October 30th from Congress and Speaker of the House. He was a decent man and I kind of felt sorry for him at times. He issued a lot of lip service trying to please a select few of crazies and nothing truly got done on his watch. Zip, not a fricking thing! Even if he's not judged by the dismal congressional approval ratings he will go down as the worst Speaker of the House that ever lived and that is no easy accomplishment. Good Boehner but we will miss you. Whoever succeeds you will surely surpass your record and become the worst Speaker of the House in no time so you have that going for you!

Coco is coming over tonight and has soccer practice in the morning. I already found a movie for him so he doesn't play video games all night. Adventures in Babysitting with Elisabeth Shue.

Trouble with my bank today. Usually I would walk down there and raise hell in person but since this is an internet bank that's impossible and I'm re-thinking that pick at the moment.

Cubs are 1 game from clinching a playoff spot. Going to be a wonderful day tomorrow if it happens!

Stay safe you Friday night crazies!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

CSI Finale

I'm an original CSI fan who's seen most episodes since its inception. I've always been a big William Peterson fan. Anyway, it was finally cancelled after a very long run but left some things hanging. Sunday night is a special 2 hour finale.

The sun went down at it got chilly fast. They are saying it should be an above average October though.

The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse is Sunday also.

Interesting watching the Pope give an address at the Capitol today. He didn't shake anyone's hands until he was almost at the end and saw John Kerry and he shook his hand. I found that interesting.

I saw a special on Milwaukee last night and you used to be able to see clear to the bottom of the Milwaukee River at 18 feet. Now you can't even see 18 inches which is sad.

I'm picking Washington to beat the Giants tonight. I have to go over my record for last week I just realized.

Enough Senate commercials in Wisconsin already. The election is NEXT November guys!

Coco's team won their soccer game against a pretty good team 2-0 tonight.

Garth Brooks is in town tonight and tomorrow night also. Shania Twain is on a goodbye tour.  I thought she did that years ago. Who does she think she is? Cher!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gets Late Early Out Here

Legendary New York Yankee catcher and Hall of Famer Yogi Berra passed away. Known for his catchy phrases like the aforementioned title he was one of the best catchers of all time. He won 10 World Series rings. The man could flat out play great baseball!

The Cubs won big last night with a shutout by Jake Arrietta. I didn't miss a pitch. The man is almost unhittable right now.

Restoration Hardware is coming to the Third Ward soon. I love that store.

Don Henley has a new album coming out 9/25 called Cass County. A country album that I can't wait for. He's a terrific musician solo or with the Eagles. The vocals on Hotel California might be the best song ever.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello Francis

I watched the Pope's arrival today and he seemed genuinely pleased to be here. A lot of people seem to not like him but he seems likeable enough to me. He's set to address Congress and many of them seem not to happy about that. I guess when your approval rate is so low you aren't happy about anything.

 The Cubs stayed hot by winning again last night and I'm watching them play the Brewers again right now. Joe Maddon told his players to come to the ballpark today at 3pm and bring their families. Nobody knew why. Turns out he arranged an exotic zoo day in the outfield. The guy knows how to keep a team loose and in my humble opinion is the best manager in all of baseball.

A rough soccer outing for Coco today. He's playing on the 8th grade team as a 6th grader so the inconsistency is to be expected. They lost by a goal.

I strained my hamstring today running with the cross country team. Maybe I need to visit the Pope for a little blessing!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker Drops Out In Flames

Governor Walker dropped out of the GOP primary barely 2 months since his announcement and before the Iowa Caucus which he thought he had locked down since he lived there for a while. Somebody pulled some cash out from under his rug obviously as he fell to less than 1% in the polls. 

Now he gets to come back to Wisconsin and push up the retirement ages for police, fire and state workers. He doesn't quite get that being against the common worker, gutting $250 from the UW system and giving $250 million to billionaires to build a new NBA stadium isn't Presidential material. It's hard to be a people' person when you don't seem to even like them. Maybe he will finally trade in tha union made Harley Davidson now!

Coco won his soccer gametonight 3-1, he's playing well.

The first season of Mannix from 1967 is on the hero channel. It's amazing how much they had Mike O'Connor looking almost exactly like Sean Connery in the first season. My only complaint thru the 7 season show is that he gets knocked out on the noggin almost every episode. That's a lot of concussions!

The Pope is spending his last night in Cuba and coming to the States next. There's a few people on the GOP side that are boycotting his appearance which I think is shameful. He's not a violent man and he seems to be a caring man who genuinely likes people. Maybe Ben Carson told them he was a Muslim!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Island For Sale

Kudos to Egyptian billionaire Nagub Sawiris who is considering buying 2 Greek islands for the current flock of refugees to live on.

Last night was a lot of fun hanging out with Jenny and Joe wit ha small pub crawl. Thurman's, Jamos and Halliday's in that order. I played maybe the worst darts that I've ever played.

Krissy was out in Cedarburg for the festival today with her family. Coco and I stayed to watch the Bears game. Should have went to the festival as the Bears lost badly. The Cubs also lost a squeaker today.

Coco and I played a little soccer and now watching the Packers game with Krissy.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jen's Birthday

We're having a cookout today for Jen's 29th birthday again! A beautiful beef tenderloin came off the grill.

Los Angeles to Vegas is installing a high speed rail that will take only 80 minutes courtesy of a Chinese company. They believe in high speed transit. People in China travel up to 300 miles away everyday for work and schools. We can't even get a choo choo train in Wisconsin.

I saw an episode of Andy Griffith last night in color. Those episodes are rare to view as they are hardly shown. My college roommate and I never took a 1pm class in college. On WGN they aired Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke back to back. Each of us had seen them dozens of time but it didn't matter. They are still the best 2 shows ever on TV. Good times with my amigo Bob Dunphy!

My picks for tomorrow keeping in mind that I lost Thursday's game to make me 10-7. They are Carolina, New Orleans, Pitt, Minn, N.E., Bears, Tenn, Cinn, Rams, Atl, Balt, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, and the Colts.

Stay safe tonight!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Beer Bistro

The Beer Bistro restaurant near us will be on the Travel Channel soon. They use beer in all their food. We only drank their once but have been meaning to get back there to eat which we will do soon.

Denver lost last night putting me 0-1 for this week. I will make the rest of my picks before game time. I'm 10-7 now.

The Cubs beat the Cards today behind 2 homeruns by Starlin Castro.

Below were my 4 favorite paintings last night from the Modern Rebels exhibit at the museum.

Frida Kahlo

Vincent Van Gogh

Henri Matisse

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Night Football

It makes for a long day when you wake up at 6am and go running for cross country practice. I am beat.

Coco's soccer team lost 4-3 today but it was a good game. He's playing quite a bit on the A team which is mostly 7-8th graders. Lightning delayed the game but they finished it in a heavy rain.

I'm picking Kansas City to beat Denver tonight as we start NFL Thursday night football.

The Cubs beat Pittsburgh again. Only 16 games left before the playoffs start. They are virtually a lock to be one of the wildcards now.

Krissy and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the Rebels exhibit before it left town. Many good works there. I'll post some photos tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bastard Executioner

It's hard to catch lightning in a bottle a second time, especially so soon as you did it the first time with Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter is a brilliant writer but The Bastard Executioner didn't do it for me last night. I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of the time period as a historian. I'll watch it a few more times though. Kurt is such a great story teller that it might come around so I owe him that as a fan of his writing.

The Cubs won in extra innings against the Pirates which was a huge win.

A busy day indeed. A cross country meet tonight and the kids did well. Then picked Coco up and grilled out while watching the debate with Kristin.

It was entertaining for sure. Carly and Kasich did well. Kasich is a smart guy and makes a lot of sense when he talks. Trump is Trump and Walker is...................well a dumbass and I'm being nice.

The rest were middle of the road. Huckabee argues that we don't do enough research for cancer and heart problems. Dieting might be a good start Huck or maybe paying for the research because it seems you guys want everything for free as you never want to pay for anything.

Will I watch the next debate. Sure, this was like a reality version of the Bastard Executioner!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spaghetti O's

I used to love Spaghetti O's as a kid. I've had a few cans this summer and realized that it's not really worthy of being called Italian food. I grew up in a small town with no Italian restaurants and my mom didn't cook Italian. Now I live in Milwaukee and there's plenty of great Italian food here.

Tony Bennett is coming in concert to Milwaukee in December. He's 89 years old and still going strong!

One of Rick Perry's donors wants his 5 million bucks back now that Perry dropped out. I'm still baffled why anyone with 5 million bucks to spend would give it to that clown. Then again, he apparently doesn't know the definition of the word 'donation' so I'm thinking he's going to be extremely disappointed.

Coco's team lost their soccer game 2-0 but he played fairly good and extremely hard as well as the other kids.

I went the first NFL with a record of 10-6 in my picks. Not too bad.

The CNN GOP debate is tomorrow night. Entertainment at it's finest and I can't wait!


Monday, September 14, 2015

He's Back

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back as Donald Trump's replacement in the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. I'm hoping he changes 'you're fired' to 'you're terminated.'

The MS Hamburg was in Milwaukee today. It's a six deck cruise ship from Germany taking a tour of the Great Lakes. What a wonderful trip!

We have a huge spider above our outdoor backdoor. He's huge and I'm keeping an eye on him!

The next GOP debate is Wednesday night on CNN. They are becoming almost as big as Sunday afternoon football games but for all the wrong reasons. Kind if like watching and hoping for a trainwreck I would say.

Coco has soccer practice tonight and a game tomorrow. Looks like a busy week and I've had a stomach ailment all day. Where's the Rolaids?


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Smaller Whoppers

I was eating some whopper candy today and noticed that they are half the size of when I was a kid. They used to come in a big milk carton and now just a regular box. I've also noticed Red Stripe beer is now 11.2 ounces a bottle instead of 12. What ever ever to the super sizing trend?

Former NBA superstar Moses Malone passed away at the age of 60. He was truly a great player.

The Bears lost today as expected. They played better than expected though.

Some pics of the last weeks activities.


At The Roman Coin

Tomato Romp

Costumes at the Romp

Dan and Me at Tosa Fest

The Girls With a Photo Bomber

Coco, Alena and Maura

A Photo of a Kids Selfie

Coco and Alena

Krissy and I at Halliday's

With Tony Keller

Eating Corn on Labor Day

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Milwaukee Tomato Romp

What a busy day today. Up early for Coco's soccer practice then his buddy Jordan came over for the Tomato Romp. Several hundred people in a cage whipping tomatoes at each other and they thought it was hilarious. Especially when they saw one of their teachers in the cage. I'll post some photos tomorrow of the Tomato Romp and Tosa Fest which was a nice time last night and 5 Card Stud was playing much to our surprise.

The Cubs swept a doubleheader last night. They are playing so great!

I wanted to get my weekly NFL picks in the blog this year and see how well I do. I did pick New England Thursday night so I'm up 1-0.

Picks for tomorrow are Chicago, Houston, NYJ,Indy, Miami, Carolina, Seattle, Arizona, SD, TB, Cinn, Denver, Atlanta and Minnesota. 

This hope I do better than a smashed Tomato!


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Herd Thins

The writing was on the wall for Presidential candidate Rick Perry. The glasses didn't really make him any smarter and he ran out of campaign cash because nobody believed in him. I'm not sure why he gave a rambling campaign type speech to merely quit. He should be ashamed at himself for doing it on 9/11 and ruining those remembrances because they cut in for his speech because he knew people who'd watch it today.

I know fall is here. I was drinking red wine last night and I never drink it in warm weather.

We watched a documentary last night on the Italian immigrants that came to Milwaukee. One man as a kid shared a single bedroom with his 5 brothers. He actually slept in the kitchen on a roll away bed. Then, I get stuck watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta show and some stupid kid is bitching because she has to sleep in a small single bed at a luxury resort in Florida. I just wanted to puke!

Colbert's show last night was hilarious but also very touching when he had Vice President Joe Biden on. The ratings are huge this week.

It's Tosa Fest tonight with Krissy and Coco as we meet friends. Then, tomorrow is the Tomato Romp on North Avenue. Hopefully,we won't get hit with a wild tomato!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oh Macy's

Macy's announces that they will close up to 40 stores. They took over Marshall Field's less than 10 years ago and it hasn't been the same since!

A rainy day off and on so far. Fall seems to be setting in very rapidly.

The Cubs lost last night with a poor outing from the bullpen. You can't win them all and it's just nice to be paying attention to baseball in the middle of September.

I saw a newsclip on the television with Greece military beating some refugees with clubs. It was a pretty sorry sight. Especially when Greece just received another bailout from the European Union. How soon we forget? I've heard there are some good people in Greece from people that have visited there. I will have to think twice about visiting there and spending any of my money there however.

Krissy has an eye appointment tomorrow and might need glasses. Hopefully, we can hit the art museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit afterwards.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Has Started

We went from ten days or so of 80's right into the 60's of fall. I'm okay with that if fall will last a long time. The trees should be changing leaf colors soon.

The Cubs held on to beat the Cards last night. It would take a total collapse to lose out on a wild card berth. The first playoff game is 0ctober 7th I believe.

Our first cross country meet tonight for St. Marcus. It should be a good test and the weather cooler than last year.

I watched Colbert's Late Show debut. Very good and I forgot George Clooney was a guest whom I admire a lot.

There's a new Bourne movie coming out next year and Matt Damon is back in the starring role. He really made the character his own and I'm sure the paycheck had something to do with it.

Going to run now as I have a lot to do before the meet.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Colbert Debut

Stephen Colbert debuts his late show tonight. I can't wait to see the premiere. I wasn't that impressed with the guest lineup then again Jimmy Fallon's first show ever had great guests but almost bombed.

It poured rain on and off all day. It was a wet cross country practice this morning. The first meet is tomorrow.

In general, it was one of those days when nothing went right. Nobody seems to answer emails very quickly anymore or perhaps they just ignore mine.

Grilling in the dark tonight. Pitch dark by 7:30pm now.

The Cubs are up going into the bottom of the 9th in St. Louis. I'm holding my breathe, it's been one of those days!


Monday, September 7, 2015

One Adam 12

So sad to hear that Martin Milner passed away. He starred in two fabulous series. In addition to the captioned title he was also in Route 66 which was a very popular series for three years but broke apart during it's fourth season when a cast member left.

Huge day for the Cubs as they beat the Cards in St. Louis 9-0. They will have to win there in the playoffs at some point if they expect to go the whole way which I'm starting to believe is possible.

NFL football starts for real this Sunday. I can't wait even though the Bears aren't expected to be very good.

A lovely afternoon dinner at the Guthrie residence today. Burgers, sweet corn and tremendous shrimp tacos on corn taco shells. That shrimp class a few weeks ago really paid off. They were excellent!

Currently we're watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War tonight. Nobody does a documentary better than Ken Burns!


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kris Bryant Slugged One

I keep watching the replay of Kris Bryant's homer at Wrigley Field and it was a whopper. They say 495 feet but everyone says it was a bit farther. I saw Dave Kingman hit one in the 70's that was similar but nobody else. Bryant just creamed it!

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell came out in favor of the Iran deal today. I'm sure his fellow Republicans hate him for it but Powell is such an honorable man that he refuses to mix politics with war and calls it as he sees it.

In the opposite direction we have the Queen of the Clown Car, Sarah Palin stating that all immigrants should speak "American." She did correct herself later but geez........................

We spent the day at Pike's Lake today with friends. A truly warm day in the 90's.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. Everyone enjoy the day off as I know too many people who work too hard for not enough pay!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cutdown Day

NFL teams must cut their roster down to 53 players today. A lot of guys will be unemployed after today and dreams come to a crashing halt.

The Cubs won another game behind Jake Arrietta today. He's been the best pitcher in baseball since August 1st.

Last night was fun. We watched the U.S. Open at the Vintage bar then had some dinner at Houligans. A late night stroll by Halliday's Lounge required a stop inside. Three hours later we left and walked into a huge fog bank.

Started my writing project today. Naturally a glitch when I tried to submit it. I sent an email so we shall see what I did wrong.

Tonight we're cooking out at home then onto Water Street for a Harley Davidson block party!

Stay safe


Friday, September 4, 2015

Harley Block Party Time

Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee can only mean one thing. It's Harley Davidson time. No, it's not one of the famous celebrations like the 100th, the 105th or the 110th. But they have several great block parties planned. One on North Avenue tonight and on Water Street tomorrow. The buzz of motorcycles will be in the air all weekend!

The Cubs are winning big today and the Bears won last night. It's a nice way to start a holiday weekend.

Another good jobs report today and the last 2 months have been revised upwards. People get their underwear in a bunch when these reports come out monthly but they always get revised so I always tell people to relax.

Received my first writing project in a soft rollout. Looks like I will be doing some work tomorrow after all. Maybe that's why they call it Labor Day.

Stay safe this weekend! I'm out the door for a Red Stripe run!


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Forty Six Buck Haircut

Ok, went and had a haircut today. They told me that my guy transferred to a different place so I made the appointment at that place. Turns out, it was the wrong David. A so-so haircut and it cost nearly double at 46 bucks. Holy crap I was mad. Still am actually. Sure, my hair might have been longer than some girls but that seems like a lot to me.

The Bears play tonight their final exhibition game. Looks to be a long season at this point. Talent level is low.

There's an escaped killer Cobra on the loose in Orlando. No worries though, the owner had a special license and now a killer snake is loose. Why does any homeowner need a Cobra snake? Florida had some messed up laws. Gun ranges in your yard even when you have close neighbors. Stand your ground so you can start a fight, get your ass kicked then legally kill them and this. Crazy.

Keith Richards has a new solo album coming out September 18th called Crosseyed Heart. His solo stuff is awesome.

Cate Blanchette is starring in a new bio movie portraying Lucille Ball. That's a tough one to tackle but she is a great actress.

Tom Brady is now not suspended anymore due to a judge's ruling. This guy and the Patriots are nothing but a bunch of whiners. I'm a pure amateur with my haircut follies next to these wussies!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Calm Before The Weekend

It was a lazy Wednesday out there today. It's like everyone is saving their energy for the long Labor Day weekend. Or, maybe it was the humidity. It was pretty muggy out there.

The Cubs lost a tough game today. Exactly 30 to go I believe. I still smell the playoffs.

I received an email today that my new writing project will be ready to start shortly. Business websites. I can't wait to write a few and see how they turn out.

Cross Country practice early tomorrow morning then a haircut. Getting it chopped quite a bit. Getting ready for the holiday weekend I suppose. Look good, feel good as we used to say in college.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back To Summer

It was warm from the get go this morning. Happy September! People were almost celebrating like it was early May with a warm day. Nobody was ready to give up on summer yet. It looks like a real summer week for us in Milwaukee.

The Cubs are back at it tonight against the Reds. They are still in the playoff hunt in September. Oh ya!

Daniel Craig is saying that Spectre might be his last Bond film. Apparently the fame is too much and he just can't hang out with his friends at the London pubs. I'm guessing he comes back for at least one more and maybe two. He's too perfect for the part.

Governor Christie is suggesting that we hire the FedEx CEO so we can track immigrants in this country. I really thought he was joking. How does that work? Should we put a bar code on everyone. Put a fork in him. The fat lady has sung, no pun intended. His campaign is over and obviously there's no September sunshine in his life!