Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Has Started

We went from ten days or so of 80's right into the 60's of fall. I'm okay with that if fall will last a long time. The trees should be changing leaf colors soon.

The Cubs held on to beat the Cards last night. It would take a total collapse to lose out on a wild card berth. The first playoff game is 0ctober 7th I believe.

Our first cross country meet tonight for St. Marcus. It should be a good test and the weather cooler than last year.

I watched Colbert's Late Show debut. Very good and I forgot George Clooney was a guest whom I admire a lot.

There's a new Bourne movie coming out next year and Matt Damon is back in the starring role. He really made the character his own and I'm sure the paycheck had something to do with it.

Going to run now as I have a lot to do before the meet.


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