Sunday, September 13, 2015

Smaller Whoppers

I was eating some whopper candy today and noticed that they are half the size of when I was a kid. They used to come in a big milk carton and now just a regular box. I've also noticed Red Stripe beer is now 11.2 ounces a bottle instead of 12. What ever ever to the super sizing trend?

Former NBA superstar Moses Malone passed away at the age of 60. He was truly a great player.

The Bears lost today as expected. They played better than expected though.

Some pics of the last weeks activities.


At The Roman Coin

Tomato Romp

Costumes at the Romp

Dan and Me at Tosa Fest

The Girls With a Photo Bomber

Coco, Alena and Maura

A Photo of a Kids Selfie

Coco and Alena

Krissy and I at Halliday's

With Tony Keller

Eating Corn on Labor Day

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