Thursday, September 3, 2015

Forty Six Buck Haircut

Ok, went and had a haircut today. They told me that my guy transferred to a different place so I made the appointment at that place. Turns out, it was the wrong David. A so-so haircut and it cost nearly double at 46 bucks. Holy crap I was mad. Still am actually. Sure, my hair might have been longer than some girls but that seems like a lot to me.

The Bears play tonight their final exhibition game. Looks to be a long season at this point. Talent level is low.

There's an escaped killer Cobra on the loose in Orlando. No worries though, the owner had a special license and now a killer snake is loose. Why does any homeowner need a Cobra snake? Florida had some messed up laws. Gun ranges in your yard even when you have close neighbors. Stand your ground so you can start a fight, get your ass kicked then legally kill them and this. Crazy.

Keith Richards has a new solo album coming out September 18th called Crosseyed Heart. His solo stuff is awesome.

Cate Blanchette is starring in a new bio movie portraying Lucille Ball. That's a tough one to tackle but she is a great actress.

Tom Brady is now not suspended anymore due to a judge's ruling. This guy and the Patriots are nothing but a bunch of whiners. I'm a pure amateur with my haircut follies next to these wussies!


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