Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cubs Clinch Playoff Berth

Make no mistake about it. The number one reason the Cubs made the playoffs this year with 8 games still left is one Mr. Joe Maddon. Last year this team won 73 and looked slightly better than the year before. Joe Maddon is the best damn baseball manager that I've ever seen.

A busy Saturday. Coco had soccer practice this morning and we're going out for basketball in a bit.

I'll do my football picks later and put them on tomorrow's blog. I'm just to caught up in the Cubs moment to look at the games.

Coco started up with guitar lessons again. The instructor walked in and thought he was playing Stairway to Heaven. He was actually playing Spanish Theme so I guess he still needs some work.

I knew Law & Order was a popular series but I turned it the television this morning and re-runs for it were on 3 different channels at the same exact time.

I'm washing Coco's shin guards extra hard today. He has the sock type where they are hard to slip on and the plastic is sewn in. They smell like a dead rat. I don't mind too much today. I actually don't mind much of nothing today because the Cubs are in the playoffs!!!!!


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