Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Charlatan Congress

The 9-11 first responders funding expires today with no future funding look to be close. All these brave people risked their lives and some are now sick and this Congress turns their back on them. Shameful and the American people deserve better than this. Term limits will never happen as Congress votes on that and they will never fire themselves. They are a shameful bunch of charlatans who just sell themselves to the highest bidder because there is so much money in politics courtesy of a stacked Supreme Court.

John McCain takes the Senate floor today and won't be happy until he sees World War 3 start. Personally, I don't care if Russian soldiers die in the Middle East as opposed to our soldiers. I'd rather nobody die to be honest. Reagan had it right and avoided the Middle East at all costs as he knew nobody ever wins over there. 

Let the Russians bankrupt themselves again with another Afghanistan move just don't listen to the warmongers. McCain is a bitter old man who had to sit his war in a POW camp because he never learned how to fly airplanes very good. He wasn't very bright then and he isn't very bright now.

On a happier note, if the Cubs play an away playoff game they are going to show it at Wrigley Field which will indeed become the world's largest  saloon that night as Harry Caray used to say.

On an even brighter note it's cold and windy here but we leave for a quick visit to Arizona to see John and Angela on the red eye.


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