Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jen's Birthday

We're having a cookout today for Jen's 29th birthday again! A beautiful beef tenderloin came off the grill.

Los Angeles to Vegas is installing a high speed rail that will take only 80 minutes courtesy of a Chinese company. They believe in high speed transit. People in China travel up to 300 miles away everyday for work and schools. We can't even get a choo choo train in Wisconsin.

I saw an episode of Andy Griffith last night in color. Those episodes are rare to view as they are hardly shown. My college roommate and I never took a 1pm class in college. On WGN they aired Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke back to back. Each of us had seen them dozens of time but it didn't matter. They are still the best 2 shows ever on TV. Good times with my amigo Bob Dunphy!

My picks for tomorrow keeping in mind that I lost Thursday's game to make me 10-7. They are Carolina, New Orleans, Pitt, Minn, N.E., Bears, Tenn, Cinn, Rams, Atl, Balt, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, and the Colts.

Stay safe tonight!


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