Sunday, September 27, 2015

Football Week 3

Well, my football picks aren't that good. After Thursday's game I'm 17-16. I'm not even picking the Bears today because they are so bad. If it wasn't for the Cubs making the playoffs and giving us hope Sundays would be depressing.

I'm taking Atlanta, Tenn, Oakland, Cinn, NE, Carolina, Philly, Houston, Minn, Pitt, SF, Buff, Seattle, Denver, and Green Bay. We shall see.

Krissy comes back from up North this afternoon. I missed her terribly.

Computer problems again today. Slow, a c drive is full and the printer quit working. Just shoot it.

 Watched Carly Fiorina a couple times this weekend. She's really a hot head who can't seem to keep her composure. She keeps comparing herself to Steve Jobs because he was fired once. Lets keep it real. Jobs, despite not being a likeable guy really changed the world. Carly, despite not being a likeable lady almost ran a stalwart company into the ground and can't get a job since then so she decided to run for President and just run a campaign of hating everybody and everything.

Coco is working on his big science project today. Maybe he'll be a likeable Steve Jobs type.


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