Friday, September 4, 2015

Harley Block Party Time

Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee can only mean one thing. It's Harley Davidson time. No, it's not one of the famous celebrations like the 100th, the 105th or the 110th. But they have several great block parties planned. One on North Avenue tonight and on Water Street tomorrow. The buzz of motorcycles will be in the air all weekend!

The Cubs are winning big today and the Bears won last night. It's a nice way to start a holiday weekend.

Another good jobs report today and the last 2 months have been revised upwards. People get their underwear in a bunch when these reports come out monthly but they always get revised so I always tell people to relax.

Received my first writing project in a soft rollout. Looks like I will be doing some work tomorrow after all. Maybe that's why they call it Labor Day.

Stay safe this weekend! I'm out the door for a Red Stripe run!


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