Saturday, September 12, 2015

Milwaukee Tomato Romp

What a busy day today. Up early for Coco's soccer practice then his buddy Jordan came over for the Tomato Romp. Several hundred people in a cage whipping tomatoes at each other and they thought it was hilarious. Especially when they saw one of their teachers in the cage. I'll post some photos tomorrow of the Tomato Romp and Tosa Fest which was a nice time last night and 5 Card Stud was playing much to our surprise.

The Cubs swept a doubleheader last night. They are playing so great!

I wanted to get my weekly NFL picks in the blog this year and see how well I do. I did pick New England Thursday night so I'm up 1-0.

Picks for tomorrow are Chicago, Houston, NYJ,Indy, Miami, Carolina, Seattle, Arizona, SD, TB, Cinn, Denver, Atlanta and Minnesota. 

This hope I do better than a smashed Tomato!


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