Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back To Summer

It was warm from the get go this morning. Happy September! People were almost celebrating like it was early May with a warm day. Nobody was ready to give up on summer yet. It looks like a real summer week for us in Milwaukee.

The Cubs are back at it tonight against the Reds. They are still in the playoff hunt in September. Oh ya!

Daniel Craig is saying that Spectre might be his last Bond film. Apparently the fame is too much and he just can't hang out with his friends at the London pubs. I'm guessing he comes back for at least one more and maybe two. He's too perfect for the part.

Governor Christie is suggesting that we hire the FedEx CEO so we can track immigrants in this country. I really thought he was joking. How does that work? Should we put a bar code on everyone. Put a fork in him. The fat lady has sung, no pun intended. His campaign is over and obviously there's no September sunshine in his life!


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