Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Putin

I watched the 60 Minutes interview with the Putin interview. The media just portrays him as a pure thug but the guy came off as a very thoughtful speaker, intelligent with some keen insight. Fairly likable which people hate to hear but I have no doubt he can back himself up as a tough guy. I remember seeing a protester rushing towards him onstage. Everyone else backed away but Putin took a step forward with clenched fist without hesitation.

The CSI finale was just okay last night. William Peterson and Marge Helgenber had moved on to other ventures and they seemed a bit forced at times to find their old character persona. Still, I'm glad they came back as the show wouldn't have went 15 years without them. I did like how it shows time changing in the workplace. That is real. Everywhere that I ever worked the change happens so fast especially the few times when you really like the joint and the people.

They found water on Mars. Nice. Very nice. I still have no intention of ever going there no do I really care if they put a man on Mars. I like it here. I always have and I just wish we would quit trashing this planet. At this point I 'd be happy if more than 20% of the population cared including over half the people in Congress and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who would be very happy to put a coal plant in every town. As long as he's making a buck he doesn't care what you breathe or the color of the water you drink.

Caterpillar is laying off 10,000 workers I see. Many of them are in Wisconsin. They were a bunch of bastards when my Dad retired from there and nothing has changed.

GE in Waukesha, Wisconsin is laying off another 350 workers. They very seldom pay any state income tax yet they layoff workers every year. People are calling for Governor Walker to do something. He just simple replies that " it's working." Next on his agenda is extending the retirement age for state workers then going after the fire and police unions. I never saw a piece of shit with feet before. Then I saw the Governor walking down the street!


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