Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Hot Hand

I went 13-2 on my Sunday and Monday football picks making me 30-18 for the season. Smoking hot but no money on any of them.

Coco lost his soccer game 3-1 on a cold and windy fall day. What a change from yesterday when I was cooking out last night in a t-shirt.

Derrick Rose fractured his orbital today at the Bulls basketball camp. Better than his knee I guess but it's getting old.

They spotted a crocodile at Smathers Beach in Key West which is a popular area. Nobody can recall a crocodile ever making that far south to Key West before. They are protected animals so nobody can really do anything about it if it's spotted again. It was sunning itself on a rock which doesn't sound like a bad idea as I'm sitting here in a big sweatshirt contemplating turning on the heat!


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