Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kris Bryant Slugged One

I keep watching the replay of Kris Bryant's homer at Wrigley Field and it was a whopper. They say 495 feet but everyone says it was a bit farther. I saw Dave Kingman hit one in the 70's that was similar but nobody else. Bryant just creamed it!

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell came out in favor of the Iran deal today. I'm sure his fellow Republicans hate him for it but Powell is such an honorable man that he refuses to mix politics with war and calls it as he sees it.

In the opposite direction we have the Queen of the Clown Car, Sarah Palin stating that all immigrants should speak "American." She did correct herself later but geez........................

We spent the day at Pike's Lake today with friends. A truly warm day in the 90's.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. Everyone enjoy the day off as I know too many people who work too hard for not enough pay!


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