Monday, September 7, 2015

One Adam 12

So sad to hear that Martin Milner passed away. He starred in two fabulous series. In addition to the captioned title he was also in Route 66 which was a very popular series for three years but broke apart during it's fourth season when a cast member left.

Huge day for the Cubs as they beat the Cards in St. Louis 9-0. They will have to win there in the playoffs at some point if they expect to go the whole way which I'm starting to believe is possible.

NFL football starts for real this Sunday. I can't wait even though the Bears aren't expected to be very good.

A lovely afternoon dinner at the Guthrie residence today. Burgers, sweet corn and tremendous shrimp tacos on corn taco shells. That shrimp class a few weeks ago really paid off. They were excellent!

Currently we're watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War tonight. Nobody does a documentary better than Ken Burns!


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