Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker Drops Out In Flames

Governor Walker dropped out of the GOP primary barely 2 months since his announcement and before the Iowa Caucus which he thought he had locked down since he lived there for a while. Somebody pulled some cash out from under his rug obviously as he fell to less than 1% in the polls. 

Now he gets to come back to Wisconsin and push up the retirement ages for police, fire and state workers. He doesn't quite get that being against the common worker, gutting $250 from the UW system and giving $250 million to billionaires to build a new NBA stadium isn't Presidential material. It's hard to be a people' person when you don't seem to even like them. Maybe he will finally trade in tha union made Harley Davidson now!

Coco won his soccer gametonight 3-1, he's playing well.

The first season of Mannix from 1967 is on the hero channel. It's amazing how much they had Mike O'Connor looking almost exactly like Sean Connery in the first season. My only complaint thru the 7 season show is that he gets knocked out on the noggin almost every episode. That's a lot of concussions!

The Pope is spending his last night in Cuba and coming to the States next. There's a few people on the GOP side that are boycotting his appearance which I think is shameful. He's not a violent man and he seems to be a caring man who genuinely likes people. Maybe Ben Carson told them he was a Muslim!


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