Friday, September 11, 2015

The Herd Thins

The writing was on the wall for Presidential candidate Rick Perry. The glasses didn't really make him any smarter and he ran out of campaign cash because nobody believed in him. I'm not sure why he gave a rambling campaign type speech to merely quit. He should be ashamed at himself for doing it on 9/11 and ruining those remembrances because they cut in for his speech because he knew people who'd watch it today.

I know fall is here. I was drinking red wine last night and I never drink it in warm weather.

We watched a documentary last night on the Italian immigrants that came to Milwaukee. One man as a kid shared a single bedroom with his 5 brothers. He actually slept in the kitchen on a roll away bed. Then, I get stuck watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta show and some stupid kid is bitching because she has to sleep in a small single bed at a luxury resort in Florida. I just wanted to puke!

Colbert's show last night was hilarious but also very touching when he had Vice President Joe Biden on. The ratings are huge this week.

It's Tosa Fest tonight with Krissy and Coco as we meet friends. Then, tomorrow is the Tomato Romp on North Avenue. Hopefully,we won't get hit with a wild tomato!


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