Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Airheads and Plastic Bags

Coco had given Krissy and I some of his airhead candy and we can't get enough of it. We're not even sure what exactly they are but they are so good we really don't care apparently.

This is how I started on my cola drinks years  ago. My mom would buy me 7 cheap sodas at the grocery store on Thursdays. By Friday night they were all gone. I upgraded to Coca Cola these days but I've been trying to eliminate them due to stomach issues. I'm starting to like ice cold 7UP lately and it's much easier on my system. I know, just drink more water!

Coco has been training hard for summer soccer and spring track, He's getting in real good shape that's for sure.

Governor Walker in Wisconsin signed into law banning local governments from banning plastic bags. No local governments have banned plastic bags or were evening contemplating that. But we have a solution looking for a problem now. So much for less government in our lives!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cranberry and 7UP

I've been drinking cranberry juice mixed with 7UP for the last day and my back spasms are much better. Not sure if it was kidney related or not. It's an acquired taste but not too bad considering I strongly dislike cranberry juice.

Patty Duke passed away today. A fabulous career from a child actor and one of the few who transitioned successfully to adulthood. She will be missed.

Donald Trump's campaign manager was arrested for battery today. This national joke is just plain sad and pathetic. I wish this election would be over soon but we still have 7 months of this crap.

One week for opening day and the Cubs put Javier Baez on the disabled list with a thumb injury. That's two bad starts in a row for this kid but I think he's going to be a special player.

Krissy has Brewers opening day ticket and is going with co-workers. Guess who's driving her to the game and I'm giving you only one guess???


Monday, March 28, 2016

Gimme the Peeps

I love the day after Easter. All the Peeps are half price and I just loaded up. I'll cut them all open and let them age for a week or two until they are really hard and crunchy. I remember one time in college and I went home and my mom had a whole paper grocery bag of Peeps for me. It doesn't get much better than that!

We had a wonderful dinner at Joe's yesterday after church. I had back spasms all day. I was thinking I strained my back then the thought of kidney stones crossed my mind. I've had two kidney stone surgeries and they are not fun, trust me. I bought some cranberry juice in case it's some kind of infection as that is supposed to do the trick. I can't really stand cranberry juice but the thought of a kidney stone has me drinking it right up!

It was cold and rainy this morning. Really damp and my bones and muscles just hurt. It takes a hot shower to get going in the dampness. I'm sure that will get better as I approach old age sometime in the future.

I'm all done in the basketball bracket for the NCAA. The two teams I have left I have losing to I'm currently in 14th place and will drop from there. Oh well, wait until next year!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Stones Play Havana

A busy day working on my book and hanging out with Coco while Krissy went to the Home and Garden Show all day with her mom. Coco is learning how to play the James Bond theme song on his guitar for a show. Soccer went well even though they lost tonight. They played their best all year.

The Rolling Stones played a concert in Havana, Cuba last night to approximately 500,000 Cubans who were thrilled to death. Rock music was banned there still just 20 years ago. It seems only fitting that a great historical band like the Stones chose to play a free concert for the Cubans to show them what they have been missing.

Cuba is the next frontier for America. Plenty of opportunities coming for trade, investment and a caribbean way of life if you choose to visit. Plenty of politicians will tell you it's wrong to visit the Communist nation. Forgetting that we trade with China, Russia and Vietnam. So many Americans died in Vietnam but that doesn't seem to bother anybody. It's all politics to these clowns and no concern for people.

Have a good Easter everyone!


Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey Rockefeller

Back in the day the Rockefeller family started Standard Oil and made billions of dollars. It eventually turned into Exxon and they held on to some of it. They announced that they are selling all their oil and fossil fuel because the wave of the future is solar and wind. Now if we could only get some people to realize that coal is 13th century technology.

Gary Shandling passed away yesterday. A great comedian. Ken Howard the 'White Shadow' also passed away yesterday. Both will be missed.

The Wisconsin Badgers lost a heartbreaking game tonight to Notre Dame. I have to admit that Notre Dame was better than I thought.

Yesterday's snow is almost all melted. It looks like better weather ahead.

Coco had a soccer game tomorrow at 5pm and it looks like a busy weekend!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Donny and Teddy Twitter Wars

I'm a believer that Twitter just might have been the worst thing ever invented. Trump and Cruz are apparently having a twitter war on who's wife is the hottest. No kind words for the Belgium bombing victims from either of them. I'm pretty sure Trump sits around in his pajamas and follows twitter all day. He even watched the View today and tweeted his displeasure at their show. Who does that? My God this man is insane and he will continue his twitter behavior if he's elected. And Cruz thinks he's Clint Eastwood. When this started I really thought it was a clown show. Now it's just plain sad and un-american.

It's snowing pretty good here today. So, my meltdown countdown starts over but it should be gone again soon.

Happy Birthday to Krissy's mom Joanne. What a lovely time we had at Lisa's Pizza tonight.

The historic ships are in Key West through Sunday at the harbor and visitors can tour them all. There's so much to do in Key West!

Basketball started again today and I jumped to 28th place overall out of 700 entries. I double checked all the Kansas selections including mine and I do have a path to victory after all if I'm perfect the rest of the way!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

George Carlin Makes History

George Carlin was placed in the U.S. National Recording Registry this week for his 7 little dirty words bit.  For something to be considered it must be culturally or historically significant. George was certainly made it on the cultural angle and it changed everything in the entertainment. He was actually arrested at Summerfest in Milwaukee and charged with obscenity charges back in the 70's. He was definitely a man way ahead of his time!

Legendary baseball announcer Joe Garagiola passed away at the age of 90. He always called the Saturday game of the week with Tony Kubek and I watched it every week. He was truly a funny and witty guy. Thanks for the memories Joe!

Jimmy Buffett was in Havana, Cuba yesterday for the exhibition baseball game that the President also attended. It was the first time and American team played in Cuba since the 50's. People can fight the new Cuba policy or they can go along for a great ride. Isolationism is over folks.

Summerfest announced a bunch of side stage acts and they are pretty top notch. Among them is Willie Nelson, Roots, Stephen Marley, and the Hollywood Vampires which consists of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. I'm already picking out the dates we're going as it's only 3 months away!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grainy Video

First, I hope all my Belgian blog readers are safe and bless all of you in this dire time. I saw the grainy video of the bombers and I'm always amazed at the poor quality. Especially in these high security times at airports you would think that high definition would be a must. Just like the GPS issues on some planes I can't believe politicians haven't done something about it. My bad, our do nothing Congress actually does nothing.

There's a lot of finger pointing as to who to blame for this. How about this, blame the terrorists. Nobody actually wants to point the finger at them.

Spring training is getting old now. Let's get the regular season going now. We still have about 2 weeks!

Congrats to Floridian Jamie Gilt and her push for safe and responsible gun ownership complete with Facebook pages and shaming anybody who didn't agree with her. She often bragged about how her 4 year old son loved target shooting. He must have as he shot her from the backseat with a loaded gun that was just sitting under the seat. Luckily, a police officer came upon the car and called an ambulance for her so she could continue as a responsible gun owner. She was charged with some minor charges but in a way I think justice has already been served.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Kenny Chesney At Sloppy Joe's

Kenny Chesney did a free concert at Sloppy Joe's bar on Duval Street in Key West tonight. I thought I would be smart and go on their webcam and watch the concert. It was blacked out by his agent as it was free. Oh well, I love that bar.

President Obama has made it to Cuba. He's the first president since Coolidge do go there. A truly historical visit along Nixon's China visit. Critics say Obama shouldn't go because Cuba isn't a free nation and has political prisoners. I guess China is a bunch of Boy Scouts then. This not speaking with people that don't agree with you is utter nonsense and the 50 year old Embargo a complete and utter failure.

The Milwaukee Torrent professional outdoor soccer team is having a 5 week soccer camp at St. Marcus. What a great opportunity for Coco!

I saw an interesting article on the wealthiest musicians and songwriters. Sting came in at 20th place with a net worth of 300 million. Jimmy Buffett made the list at 400 million which is no surprise to me. Books, a tour every year,casino and restaurant interests, the man is a pure marketing genius with a little brand known as 'Margaritaville.' Guess who is number one on the list by far and the only billionaire at 1.2 billion. The answer is Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nice work for a very talented man. I guess he didn't do any 'free' concerts!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Buffett Show

I had to leave and go to Jackson to get Krissy this afternoon. I turned on Radio Margaritaville and they played an old concert of Jimmy's. It was a September 93 show at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, Il. It was a Friday night and perfect weather and I remember  that night vividly. Because I was there and it was my first Buffett show! We listened to it the whole way back also. It brought back some fond memories. I remember bringing a parrot balloon so my friends with the alcohol could find us. Not a great idea as there were at least 2 thousand of the exact same balloons there! I've learned a lot since then and I've been to over 20 shows and now I do it right.

Coco's soccer team lost again but they looked a lot better. He played a fast paced 27 minutes and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I saw a bumper sticker on a car today that I've never seen before. It said 'support pole dancing.' I'm guessing that sticker wasn't really free!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hand Grenades

A Goodwill store had to close in Wisconsin this week because they found three hand grenades in a box of donations. I'm sure the bomb squad thought that was very generous until they determined that they wouldn't explode. Way too many nutbags out there doing anything for a laugh.

I'm currently tied for 81st place in my large NCAA pool. I actually have a path to victory. I need Oregon to win a couple games and I'm thankful so many people ahead of me picked Michigan State to win it all.

I neglected to mention that Krissy and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on St. Patrick's Day. We actually met at County Clare where we go every year!

Coco and I watched a couple of old movies today and he liked both of them a lot. He should, they were a couple of classics. From Here To Eternity and the Great Escape with a star studded cast. 

Tomorrow starts session 3 of indoor soccer and it's full field this time not futsol. He's psyched!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Expect No Mercy

Governor Snyder of Michigan was put up to a barrage of accusations at the hearing over the Flint water fiasco. When you go cheap and poison people nobody will hold back. This guy is toast at his next election if he makes it that far!

What a great St. Patrick's Day at County Clare yesterday. Krissy and I hung out there for about 5 hours with some of her co-workers then had Chinese food on the way home on Brady Street. We were starving.

My NCAA pool bracket is tied for 31st place only 4 points out of first place as I write. It seems most people had Michigan State going pretty far so it's not killing me and my points possible is still higher than almost everyone.

The DOW is in the black again for the year. Every panicking 5 weeks ago and the so-called experts telling you the world is ending. The fact is that the overall numbers are pretty good and there's a lot of good deals out there.

Have a great weekend!


Celebrating St Patrick's day at County Clare

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Remembering Frank Jr.

I'm so bummed waking up to hear the news that Frank Sinatra Jr. passed away at the age of 72 last night. He really was a great singer in his own right. I actually looked up his tour schedule two weeks ago to see if he was coming to Milwaukee this year since I missed his last show here. I visited his father's grave in Palm Springs just a couple months ago. I always felt bad for Frank Jr. as no matter how good he became as a singer he would always be overshadowed by his legendary father. He seemed on the surface to accept his fate and went on and had a fine career of his own which many singers would die for. A man of dignity and grace he was always be legendary! My first beer today will be in your honor with a toast!!

I saw my first staggering falling down drunk person this morning just after 10am. It took a little longer this year and crowds haven't formed yet as early as in the past.

Shame on Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. First, you embarrass everyone by throwing a snowball on the Senate floor and calling global warming a hoax. We should have realized what a worthless and classless ass you really are. Today, when you were interviewed about your friend of 20 plus years, Merrick Garland who is the Supreme Court nominee you admitted that you knew him but wouldn't call him a friend. Have you know dignity or honor? It's bad enough that you won't give him a hearing despite two thirds of the people wanting one. You could always vote no. But despite all that you can't even publicly say that he's your friend? What kind of lowlife human being have you become in the Senate? No wonder congressional approval ratings are at all time lows. It's people like you. If by chance you come into County Clare tonight for St. Patrick's Day I will leave. I only drink with friends and on St. Patrick's Day I set the bar pretty damn low!!! Stay safe.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Do Nothing Congress

Our government is quickly becoming a total joke. No wonder congressional approval polls show a favorability rating of anywhere from 9-12 percent favorable. These folks are nothing but fat cats living on the people's dime. They won't even hold hearings on the new Supreme Court nominee despite 67% of the people in favor of getting a new one rather than later. A total farce.

A very windy day today in Milwaukee. A glass bus shelter actually blew off its base and onto a car and shattered into a million pieces. I also saw a large dumpster blow over and block a car in an alley. We've had a few of these this year.

Tomorrow is the big St. Patrick's Day celebration. it will be a wild one as usual!

Here's my picks for the tournament. I'm not seeing a lot of upsets this year and my final four is Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Michigan State with Michigan State versus Kansas in the final and Kansas easily winning. Other teams in my final eight include Villanova, Oregon, West Virginia and Virginia. My picks might be right or they might be wrong. But at least I picked something which is more than the United States Senate will do!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

Legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis turns 90 years old tomorrow. I saw him being interviewed on TMC and he looks in better health than he did a few years ago. The Caddy from 1953 with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin is playing as I right. They were the biggest duo of all time and they totally owned the 50's.

I'm contemplating seeing the WHO next monday. This is their 50th anniversary tour. I remember paying to see them on cable for their farewell tour 34 years ago! I contemplating seeing Coco. He's 12 but he knows a lot of different music. More than I do and I have eclectic tastes. I read the concert reviews and everybody has been giving them 5 stars. I did see them live in 1988 and it was fantastic. The sound is so crystal clear, the best sound I've ever heard in my hundreds of concerts by far!

The lineup for this year's Jazz in the park is full of bands that I've never heard of. That's not necessarily a bad  thing I guess.

Fox is hosting another GOP debate on the same night at the WHO I believe. Really, what more can this collective bunch of pinheads say that hasn't been said. Then again??? This won't be a tough choice! 


Monday, March 14, 2016

Bracket Time

It's that time of year again when every NCAA basketball fan will fill out a bracket or two for gambling and prize purposes. I'm entering one sponsored by a pizza company for fabulous prizes. It's been 20 years since my glory bracket of 7 of the final 8 and 3 out of the final four along with both final's teams. I was so far ahead that it didn't matter who won the game and I won a few hundred smackers. Since then I've been dismal. I wish I would have enjoyed that one more. I'll provide more info on my picks tomorrow.

Tim McGraw has been announced as another Summerfest headliner. Hopefully they should be announcing the side stages very soon.

The price of cocoa has been going up thus chocolate bunnies for Easter may see a price increase. I'm not a huge chocolate freak. As long as the peeps are reasonable I'm happy. I usually hit the stores the day after Easter and buy them at half price! Then I open them up and let them age for a week on top my fridge. I love it when they are stale and chewy. One of the best days of the year!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Fish On Mondays

That's right. Don't buy fish at a restaurant on Monday according to Anthony Bourdain. It seems most restaurants buy their fish from the market on Thursdays for their weekend specials and if you're buying it after the weekend has run its course then it's probably lost its freshness.

The UWM men's basketball team finished with a nice 20 win season but they didn't qualify for the NCAA Tournament. They will qualify for a couple different post season tournaments but the new Athletic Director told them to forget about it because 20 wins wasn't considered good in her opinion. The players are ticked off and I don't blame them. You don't pass on postseason play. It smells like the A.D. wants her own basketball coach in place soon.

Coco had indoor soccer practice this evening. He's sure looking good. He started working out with weights yesterday. I'm sure the hard work will pay off.

St. Patrick's Day is Thursday. I can't wait. I see a beer or two with my name on it!


Friday, March 11, 2016

The Tale Of Two Idiots

The Cleveland Browns cut loose Johnny Manziel today. Most people outside of Cleveland management knew he was an idiot who really couldn't play NFL caliber football. People believe what they want to believe I guess. Johnny we hardly knew ya!

Donald Trump had to bail out from his rally in Chicago due to protesters. He feeds on scare tactics and bullying minorities around. It seems the good people of Chicago are the only people in this country not afraid to stand up to Trump. Trump likes to talk tough but he's never been punched in the mouth and lets other people do his fighting while he hides behind security type people his entire life. Last night a peaceful protester was attacked and threatened on tape by a Trump protester and a reporter was thrown down by his campaign manager. An utter disgrace.

It seems like 75% in this country knows that Trump is an idiot and a fraud won't won't possibly be President. He sounds a lot like Johnny Manziel. Some people believe what they want about him. 

Kudos to the good people in Cleveland. At least they got rid of their idiot!

Stay safe out there.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Heat Is On

Yep, it dropped below 40 degrees and we had to turn the heat back on for the first time this month. Not a bad run for March in Milwaukee!

5 Card Stud is playing at our favorite Irish bar this Saturday. Angela is in town so we shall see them at the world famous County Clare.

More violence and fisticuffs at a Donald Trump rally once again. This time it was his campaign manager allegedly roughing up a right wing reporter that he didn't like.

I had my very first Milverine sighting today. The Milverine story is actually quite interesting. He's a hairy man that walks through all parts of the city at a very fast pace for hours. He's always in jeans and in hot summer days he takes off his shirt and carries a water bottle. We've seen him at State Fair and he seems like a quiet man who doesn't know how famous he is. There's a Facebook page and other social media followings of him. People even take his picture and post it with the location sighting. I don't think he has any idea what is going on. Maybe someday I'll approach him for an article as I think it would be interesting for the locals.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Retirement For The Most Interesting Man

Another 70 degree day in Milwaukee. The last snow pile is almost gone. This would be the earliest it's ever been gone since I moved here 15 years ago.

Coco's soccer team was beat badly in their final game. He played well though with excellent passing. They start another session later this month and it's full court indoor soccer which better suits their strengths.

The NFL free agency started today and there's a few new multi-millionaires walking around today!

Wisconsin is reported today to have the 4th worst roads in the United States. They used to be real good. I guess that's what happens when you refuse to pay for services. There's no free lunch folks.

I'm heartbroken to learn that 77 year old Jonathan Goldsmith is retiring. He's the most interesting man in the world for Dos Equis beer. When I started this blog I mentioned him with very high regard. Just last week I took a picture of one of his posters at a bar like I always do. He played the part well for 9 years. The company wants a change due to demographics of their customers but I think it's a huge mistake because everybody knows this guy as their guy. Come on, don't do this to me. On the other hand, it does create a job opening for a younger version of this cat like myself!!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Arizona Trip Recap

 Well, it was quite a trip. Tons of photos and I will let them do most of the talking but provide a brief overview.

We left late on Friday the 26th and just hung out at Angela and John's who are the greatest hosts ever in the history of the world.

Saturday morning we were up early for the McDowell Mountain Ranch hiking trail. Coco made it the whole way but let's just say that hiking isn't his favorite sport although he sure liked dressing the part.

Sunday we hung out some at the pool and cooked out. Monday morning we were up early and drove to Tuscon to see my folks then on to Tombstone which I totally loved as I'm a big fan of the OK Corral story.

Tuesday we went to the Desert Museum which is a living history of the desert and it was fabulous. We ran into a pack of 6 javelinas crossing the road on the way there. On the way back we stopped at the Old Tuscon studio gift store and I picked up a nifty John Wayne shot glass. Both nights Krissy and I visited 4th Avenue which is by the University of Arizona. The Shanty and the Buffet Bar were two famous haunts that we visited.

Wednesday was back to Scottsdale and John and Angela's place. Thursday Angela was under the weather but we had dinner at the world famous Don and Charlies Steakhouse. We were sitting next to Bud Selig the former Baseball Commissioner and we talked to him for a while. A very nice guy and he was the former Milwaukee Brewers owner who brought baseball back to Milwaukee.

Friday was Opening Day at Sloan Park for the spring training home opener for my favorite team the Chicago Cubs. Coco hit a homerun at Whiffle Ball City while John, Krissy and I drank beer. We also had our baseballs signed by Fergie Jenkins and Bill Buckner. Coco later was tossed a ball by Gleyber Torres an international signee with tons of promise. On Saturday we watched another Cubs game and Coco had that ball signed by Kyle Schwarber which was his 23rd birthday.

I ran into Harry Gibson from Colorado and originally from Chicago. He markets the world's greatest t-shirts and I walked away with 3 gems. He's actually been to Milwaukee and on my street no less. Harry has my number and I know I will run into that cat again.

Tremendous weather and great friends, Krissy and Coco. It doesn't get any better than that! I can't wait for spring training next year!!


Bud Selig and John
Me and Krissy Old Scottsdale

John and I 



Coco and I with Bill Buckner

John, Coco and I with Fergie Jenkins

The Designer of my Shirt
Harry My Shirt Guy

Coco Whiffle Ball Homerun

Coco, Me, John and Justin at Sloan Park

My Main Man

Autograph Time
Kyle Schwarber

Pool Time
Pete Puggle


My Dad, Me and Coco


Old Tuscon

Desert Musuem

Bird Show

Desert Museum


4th Avenue Tuscon

The Buffet Bar

The Shanty

The Hike

McDowell Ranch Hiking

Mr. Hiker

The Race

Monday, March 7, 2016

We're Back

What a great trip to Arizona. Pics and the trip review will be in tomorrow's blog. A lot of pictures to go through.

The weather broke 60 degrees today. It looks like a great weather week!

Congrats to Lovie Smith as he was named the new football coach at the University of Illinois. An honest man with tons of integrity and a very good head coaching record in the pro's.

Nancy Reagan passed away at the age of 94 years old. Her just say no campaign failed miserably but she lived through a lot of history.

Bud Collins passed away also. He was a tennis announcer who promoted the game better than anybody ever has and he's a big part of why it's a huge success today.

Soccer game for Coco tomorrow. Let's hope the mountain hiking strengthened those kicking legs!