Monday, March 21, 2016

Kenny Chesney At Sloppy Joe's

Kenny Chesney did a free concert at Sloppy Joe's bar on Duval Street in Key West tonight. I thought I would be smart and go on their webcam and watch the concert. It was blacked out by his agent as it was free. Oh well, I love that bar.

President Obama has made it to Cuba. He's the first president since Coolidge do go there. A truly historical visit along Nixon's China visit. Critics say Obama shouldn't go because Cuba isn't a free nation and has political prisoners. I guess China is a bunch of Boy Scouts then. This not speaking with people that don't agree with you is utter nonsense and the 50 year old Embargo a complete and utter failure.

The Milwaukee Torrent professional outdoor soccer team is having a 5 week soccer camp at St. Marcus. What a great opportunity for Coco!

I saw an interesting article on the wealthiest musicians and songwriters. Sting came in at 20th place with a net worth of 300 million. Jimmy Buffett made the list at 400 million which is no surprise to me. Books, a tour every year,casino and restaurant interests, the man is a pure marketing genius with a little brand known as 'Margaritaville.' Guess who is number one on the list by far and the only billionaire at 1.2 billion. The answer is Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nice work for a very talented man. I guess he didn't do any 'free' concerts!


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