Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hand Grenades

A Goodwill store had to close in Wisconsin this week because they found three hand grenades in a box of donations. I'm sure the bomb squad thought that was very generous until they determined that they wouldn't explode. Way too many nutbags out there doing anything for a laugh.

I'm currently tied for 81st place in my large NCAA pool. I actually have a path to victory. I need Oregon to win a couple games and I'm thankful so many people ahead of me picked Michigan State to win it all.

I neglected to mention that Krissy and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on St. Patrick's Day. We actually met at County Clare where we go every year!

Coco and I watched a couple of old movies today and he liked both of them a lot. He should, they were a couple of classics. From Here To Eternity and the Great Escape with a star studded cast. 

Tomorrow starts session 3 of indoor soccer and it's full field this time not futsol. He's psyched!


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