Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Stones Play Havana

A busy day working on my book and hanging out with Coco while Krissy went to the Home and Garden Show all day with her mom. Coco is learning how to play the James Bond theme song on his guitar for a show. Soccer went well even though they lost tonight. They played their best all year.

The Rolling Stones played a concert in Havana, Cuba last night to approximately 500,000 Cubans who were thrilled to death. Rock music was banned there still just 20 years ago. It seems only fitting that a great historical band like the Stones chose to play a free concert for the Cubans to show them what they have been missing.

Cuba is the next frontier for America. Plenty of opportunities coming for trade, investment and a caribbean way of life if you choose to visit. Plenty of politicians will tell you it's wrong to visit the Communist nation. Forgetting that we trade with China, Russia and Vietnam. So many Americans died in Vietnam but that doesn't seem to bother anybody. It's all politics to these clowns and no concern for people.

Have a good Easter everyone!


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