Thursday, March 24, 2016

Donny and Teddy Twitter Wars

I'm a believer that Twitter just might have been the worst thing ever invented. Trump and Cruz are apparently having a twitter war on who's wife is the hottest. No kind words for the Belgium bombing victims from either of them. I'm pretty sure Trump sits around in his pajamas and follows twitter all day. He even watched the View today and tweeted his displeasure at their show. Who does that? My God this man is insane and he will continue his twitter behavior if he's elected. And Cruz thinks he's Clint Eastwood. When this started I really thought it was a clown show. Now it's just plain sad and un-american.

It's snowing pretty good here today. So, my meltdown countdown starts over but it should be gone again soon.

Happy Birthday to Krissy's mom Joanne. What a lovely time we had at Lisa's Pizza tonight.

The historic ships are in Key West through Sunday at the harbor and visitors can tour them all. There's so much to do in Key West!

Basketball started again today and I jumped to 28th place overall out of 700 entries. I double checked all the Kansas selections including mine and I do have a path to victory after all if I'm perfect the rest of the way!


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