Friday, March 18, 2016

Expect No Mercy

Governor Snyder of Michigan was put up to a barrage of accusations at the hearing over the Flint water fiasco. When you go cheap and poison people nobody will hold back. This guy is toast at his next election if he makes it that far!

What a great St. Patrick's Day at County Clare yesterday. Krissy and I hung out there for about 5 hours with some of her co-workers then had Chinese food on the way home on Brady Street. We were starving.

My NCAA pool bracket is tied for 31st place only 4 points out of first place as I write. It seems most people had Michigan State going pretty far so it's not killing me and my points possible is still higher than almost everyone.

The DOW is in the black again for the year. Every panicking 5 weeks ago and the so-called experts telling you the world is ending. The fact is that the overall numbers are pretty good and there's a lot of good deals out there.

Have a great weekend!


Celebrating St Patrick's day at County Clare

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