Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Airheads and Plastic Bags

Coco had given Krissy and I some of his airhead candy and we can't get enough of it. We're not even sure what exactly they are but they are so good we really don't care apparently.

This is how I started on my cola drinks years  ago. My mom would buy me 7 cheap sodas at the grocery store on Thursdays. By Friday night they were all gone. I upgraded to Coca Cola these days but I've been trying to eliminate them due to stomach issues. I'm starting to like ice cold 7UP lately and it's much easier on my system. I know, just drink more water!

Coco has been training hard for summer soccer and spring track, He's getting in real good shape that's for sure.

Governor Walker in Wisconsin signed into law banning local governments from banning plastic bags. No local governments have banned plastic bags or were evening contemplating that. But we have a solution looking for a problem now. So much for less government in our lives!


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