Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Do Nothing Congress

Our government is quickly becoming a total joke. No wonder congressional approval polls show a favorability rating of anywhere from 9-12 percent favorable. These folks are nothing but fat cats living on the people's dime. They won't even hold hearings on the new Supreme Court nominee despite 67% of the people in favor of getting a new one rather than later. A total farce.

A very windy day today in Milwaukee. A glass bus shelter actually blew off its base and onto a car and shattered into a million pieces. I also saw a large dumpster blow over and block a car in an alley. We've had a few of these this year.

Tomorrow is the big St. Patrick's Day celebration. it will be a wild one as usual!

Here's my picks for the tournament. I'm not seeing a lot of upsets this year and my final four is Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Michigan State with Michigan State versus Kansas in the final and Kansas easily winning. Other teams in my final eight include Villanova, Oregon, West Virginia and Virginia. My picks might be right or they might be wrong. But at least I picked something which is more than the United States Senate will do!


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