Friday, March 11, 2016

The Tale Of Two Idiots

The Cleveland Browns cut loose Johnny Manziel today. Most people outside of Cleveland management knew he was an idiot who really couldn't play NFL caliber football. People believe what they want to believe I guess. Johnny we hardly knew ya!

Donald Trump had to bail out from his rally in Chicago due to protesters. He feeds on scare tactics and bullying minorities around. It seems the good people of Chicago are the only people in this country not afraid to stand up to Trump. Trump likes to talk tough but he's never been punched in the mouth and lets other people do his fighting while he hides behind security type people his entire life. Last night a peaceful protester was attacked and threatened on tape by a Trump protester and a reporter was thrown down by his campaign manager. An utter disgrace.

It seems like 75% in this country knows that Trump is an idiot and a fraud won't won't possibly be President. He sounds a lot like Johnny Manziel. Some people believe what they want about him. 

Kudos to the good people in Cleveland. At least they got rid of their idiot!

Stay safe out there.


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