Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Arizona Trip Recap

 Well, it was quite a trip. Tons of photos and I will let them do most of the talking but provide a brief overview.

We left late on Friday the 26th and just hung out at Angela and John's who are the greatest hosts ever in the history of the world.

Saturday morning we were up early for the McDowell Mountain Ranch hiking trail. Coco made it the whole way but let's just say that hiking isn't his favorite sport although he sure liked dressing the part.

Sunday we hung out some at the pool and cooked out. Monday morning we were up early and drove to Tuscon to see my folks then on to Tombstone which I totally loved as I'm a big fan of the OK Corral story.

Tuesday we went to the Desert Museum which is a living history of the desert and it was fabulous. We ran into a pack of 6 javelinas crossing the road on the way there. On the way back we stopped at the Old Tuscon studio gift store and I picked up a nifty John Wayne shot glass. Both nights Krissy and I visited 4th Avenue which is by the University of Arizona. The Shanty and the Buffet Bar were two famous haunts that we visited.

Wednesday was back to Scottsdale and John and Angela's place. Thursday Angela was under the weather but we had dinner at the world famous Don and Charlies Steakhouse. We were sitting next to Bud Selig the former Baseball Commissioner and we talked to him for a while. A very nice guy and he was the former Milwaukee Brewers owner who brought baseball back to Milwaukee.

Friday was Opening Day at Sloan Park for the spring training home opener for my favorite team the Chicago Cubs. Coco hit a homerun at Whiffle Ball City while John, Krissy and I drank beer. We also had our baseballs signed by Fergie Jenkins and Bill Buckner. Coco later was tossed a ball by Gleyber Torres an international signee with tons of promise. On Saturday we watched another Cubs game and Coco had that ball signed by Kyle Schwarber which was his 23rd birthday.

I ran into Harry Gibson from Colorado and originally from Chicago. He markets the world's greatest t-shirts and I walked away with 3 gems. He's actually been to Milwaukee and on my street no less. Harry has my number and I know I will run into that cat again.

Tremendous weather and great friends, Krissy and Coco. It doesn't get any better than that! I can't wait for spring training next year!!


Bud Selig and John
Me and Krissy Old Scottsdale

John and I 



Coco and I with Bill Buckner

John, Coco and I with Fergie Jenkins

The Designer of my Shirt
Harry My Shirt Guy

Coco Whiffle Ball Homerun

Coco, Me, John and Justin at Sloan Park

My Main Man

Autograph Time
Kyle Schwarber

Pool Time
Pete Puggle


My Dad, Me and Coco


Old Tuscon

Desert Musuem

Bird Show

Desert Museum


4th Avenue Tuscon

The Buffet Bar

The Shanty

The Hike

McDowell Ranch Hiking

Mr. Hiker

The Race

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