Thursday, March 17, 2016

Remembering Frank Jr.

I'm so bummed waking up to hear the news that Frank Sinatra Jr. passed away at the age of 72 last night. He really was a great singer in his own right. I actually looked up his tour schedule two weeks ago to see if he was coming to Milwaukee this year since I missed his last show here. I visited his father's grave in Palm Springs just a couple months ago. I always felt bad for Frank Jr. as no matter how good he became as a singer he would always be overshadowed by his legendary father. He seemed on the surface to accept his fate and went on and had a fine career of his own which many singers would die for. A man of dignity and grace he was always be legendary! My first beer today will be in your honor with a toast!!

I saw my first staggering falling down drunk person this morning just after 10am. It took a little longer this year and crowds haven't formed yet as early as in the past.

Shame on Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. First, you embarrass everyone by throwing a snowball on the Senate floor and calling global warming a hoax. We should have realized what a worthless and classless ass you really are. Today, when you were interviewed about your friend of 20 plus years, Merrick Garland who is the Supreme Court nominee you admitted that you knew him but wouldn't call him a friend. Have you know dignity or honor? It's bad enough that you won't give him a hearing despite two thirds of the people wanting one. You could always vote no. But despite all that you can't even publicly say that he's your friend? What kind of lowlife human being have you become in the Senate? No wonder congressional approval ratings are at all time lows. It's people like you. If by chance you come into County Clare tonight for St. Patrick's Day I will leave. I only drink with friends and on St. Patrick's Day I set the bar pretty damn low!!! Stay safe.


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