Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Heat Is On

Yep, it dropped below 40 degrees and we had to turn the heat back on for the first time this month. Not a bad run for March in Milwaukee!

5 Card Stud is playing at our favorite Irish bar this Saturday. Angela is in town so we shall see them at the world famous County Clare.

More violence and fisticuffs at a Donald Trump rally once again. This time it was his campaign manager allegedly roughing up a right wing reporter that he didn't like.

I had my very first Milverine sighting today. The Milverine story is actually quite interesting. He's a hairy man that walks through all parts of the city at a very fast pace for hours. He's always in jeans and in hot summer days he takes off his shirt and carries a water bottle. We've seen him at State Fair and he seems like a quiet man who doesn't know how famous he is. There's a Facebook page and other social media followings of him. People even take his picture and post it with the location sighting. I don't think he has any idea what is going on. Maybe someday I'll approach him for an article as I think it would be interesting for the locals.


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