Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grainy Video

First, I hope all my Belgian blog readers are safe and bless all of you in this dire time. I saw the grainy video of the bombers and I'm always amazed at the poor quality. Especially in these high security times at airports you would think that high definition would be a must. Just like the GPS issues on some planes I can't believe politicians haven't done something about it. My bad, our do nothing Congress actually does nothing.

There's a lot of finger pointing as to who to blame for this. How about this, blame the terrorists. Nobody actually wants to point the finger at them.

Spring training is getting old now. Let's get the regular season going now. We still have about 2 weeks!

Congrats to Floridian Jamie Gilt and her push for safe and responsible gun ownership complete with Facebook pages and shaming anybody who didn't agree with her. She often bragged about how her 4 year old son loved target shooting. He must have as he shot her from the backseat with a loaded gun that was just sitting under the seat. Luckily, a police officer came upon the car and called an ambulance for her so she could continue as a responsible gun owner. She was charged with some minor charges but in a way I think justice has already been served.


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