Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

Legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis turns 90 years old tomorrow. I saw him being interviewed on TMC and he looks in better health than he did a few years ago. The Caddy from 1953 with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin is playing as I right. They were the biggest duo of all time and they totally owned the 50's.

I'm contemplating seeing the WHO next monday. This is their 50th anniversary tour. I remember paying to see them on cable for their farewell tour 34 years ago! I contemplating seeing Coco. He's 12 but he knows a lot of different music. More than I do and I have eclectic tastes. I read the concert reviews and everybody has been giving them 5 stars. I did see them live in 1988 and it was fantastic. The sound is so crystal clear, the best sound I've ever heard in my hundreds of concerts by far!

The lineup for this year's Jazz in the park is full of bands that I've never heard of. That's not necessarily a bad  thing I guess.

Fox is hosting another GOP debate on the same night at the WHO I believe. Really, what more can this collective bunch of pinheads say that hasn't been said. Then again??? This won't be a tough choice! 


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