Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Fish On Mondays

That's right. Don't buy fish at a restaurant on Monday according to Anthony Bourdain. It seems most restaurants buy their fish from the market on Thursdays for their weekend specials and if you're buying it after the weekend has run its course then it's probably lost its freshness.

The UWM men's basketball team finished with a nice 20 win season but they didn't qualify for the NCAA Tournament. They will qualify for a couple different post season tournaments but the new Athletic Director told them to forget about it because 20 wins wasn't considered good in her opinion. The players are ticked off and I don't blame them. You don't pass on postseason play. It smells like the A.D. wants her own basketball coach in place soon.

Coco had indoor soccer practice this evening. He's sure looking good. He started working out with weights yesterday. I'm sure the hard work will pay off.

St. Patrick's Day is Thursday. I can't wait. I see a beer or two with my name on it!


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