Thursday, January 2, 2014

Who's Back to Work Today

Fox News is in a major uproar over Mayor de Blasio this morning. The man is going to ruin New York City they tell us. Personally, I find it hard to believe that one man can ruin our nations largest city all by himself. It seems like Fox News underestimated the number of democrats that live in New York and overestimated the number of people in the other 49 states that really give a crap. I guess we know who the new target is.

Good bye to Uncle Phil. James Avery from the Fresh Prince television show passed away yesterday. I always liked him.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith. Heck of a nice guy and a players coach. He will give Tampa a great defense, mediocre offense and plenty of 9-7 seasons. Have fun watching other teams play in January.

I finally got around to watching the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert show that Krissy taped for me a while back. The music speaks for itself. True showman with pride in their craft. It made me feel good to see the huge amount of younger people in the crowd shots. The legacy of great music will endure. One of my biggest fears is going to street festivals or summer fest in 20 years and it's nothing but Justin Bieber knock offs.

Received a Happy New Years text from my dad and Dee. The doctors cleared my dad for travel and they leave for Tuscon on January 12th. My dad had a couple health issues in December or they would have been in Arizona already. Considering I woke up to more snow and 8 degree weather I'm sure the 12th can't get here soon enough so he can escape the great Midwest!

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