Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Onion Chopper

It's officially the coldest Wisconsin winter since 1979. There's a shortage of propane gas throughout the midwest and customers are getting just enough allotment for a couple weeks. Fortunately, I have natural gas. Unfortunately, natural gas prices have gone thru the roof. Not a mere coincidence I'm sure and my next energy bill will be outrageous.

The St. Marcus Mustangs 4th grade basketball team ended their campaign with a win to remain undefeated. A perfect 12-0 record with two tournament wins. Congrats to a first class group of competitors.

When I got home after the game last night it was snowing once again and bitter cold had set in. So, we uncorked a bottle of cabernet and decided to stay in and watch television. Krissy decided to multi task and work on this huge Key West puzzle of the entire island that we bought on our last trip.

Our first program was on BBC. A history of Ian Fleming and 007. I should mention that I'm a huge James Bond fan but I'll spare you with my collectibles for another day. It was a fascinating piece of work with in depth interviews of Fleming and co-producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. Naturally, every Bond actor recollected their experiences as 007 and I was mesmerized for the entire two hours.

Next up was Anthony Bourdain on CNN. It's a totally different food show with more of a travel aspect than anything. This time he was in Burma and Malaysia. He has the heart of a true adventurer and a very unique appreciation and approach to the world. He spoke in Milwaukee a couple years ago and I missed it. I won't make that mistake again if afforded another opportunity.

We woke up this morning and watched the Godfather. A 1972 classic which Krissy had never seen before so I added a bit of narration for her benefit. She had heard of the horse head scene before. Who hasn't?

Later lunch at the Trocadero. The beer line burgers are fabulous!

I'm off to a soccer game now for Cole. Krissy decided to start dinner. The photo below is how she chops onions and I'll just leave it at that!


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