Friday, January 31, 2014

One Long Month

I walked four blocks to Walgreens around noon. The streets were packed and people appeared to be picking up a lot of essentials. That's what happens when the weather finally breaks north of the tolerable level. Still, I have no plans for tonight.

The first leg of the Key West Classic Regatta starts on Saturday. About a dozen tall ships from around the world will compete and spectators can tour the classic sailboats afterwards.

I saw an old interview from 1991 with Hillary Clinton today. She actually had quite a bit of a southern twang back then. Not so much anymore.

Congrats to Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls for making his second all star team. He's my favorite Bull because he plays the game right.

Happy birthday to Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks. He is my favorite Chicago Cub of all time and I have a fond memory of spending a couple hours with him at an auto dealer in my youth with a bunch of fans. He signed autographs with a big smile the entire time and answered all our questions. A true ambassador for baseball.

Lake Mead in Nevada has had a declining water level for fourteen straight years. Imagine that, water problems in a desert climate. As a frequent visitor to Vegas, I was always impressed by the resourcefulness of the Nevada people. Besides additional water drilling, they reuse over 90% of their water. The local governments even give tax breaks to homeowners who forgo traditional grass lawns. They will manage a way to keep up with demand.

Eastern Airlines appears to be rising from the dead. It began flights in 1926 but disappeared off the radar so to speak in 1991. A group bought it out of bankruptcy several years ago and is waiting for Department of Transportation approval. Once approved it will be based out of Miami. Airline stocks have surged the past year so perhaps the timing is right. They will be taking delivery of an Airbus A320 this fall and will hopefully start flights in December. I always love a vintage comeback.

George Zimmerman is taking part in a celebrity boxing match on March 1st. No word yet if he gets to shoot his opponent after he gets his ass kicked again!


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