Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Monte Carlo Night

What a relaxing morning.  I received breakfast in bed this morning. Krissy must be killing me with kindness as I left the house messy yesterday. I'm sure their will be a price to pay but it's all good.

We watched "No Reservations" again with Anthony Bourdain as he visited Madrid, Spain. It appears they eat very well in Spain and the red wine is abundant. The Madrid people seem very relaxed and laid back. Probably all the red wine. I love the insight Bourdain gathers from the locals, not only socially but politically as well. Plus, Bourdain's sense of humor is a bit warped to just the right degree.

I had to cut my morning short and hustle to drive Coco to his noon soccer game. We got there in plenty of time for a good warm up only to realize his game was at 2pm. So, I'm starting this blog in the bleachers of the indoor arena wondering how I messed up the time.

Bill Maher is starting a new segment on his HBO program "Real Time." The segment will be called "Flip the District." It's purpose is to defeat a perceived terrible incumbent member of congress at election time in their district. Viewers of the show will send in selections and Maher will pick one to go after.

Maher's only requirement is that it be a competitive race that the challenger has a chance to win. Maher will visit the district in campaign mode, perform some standup and try and put the challenger in a position to beat the incumbent.

It would be dire mistake for any incumbent to underestimate Maher. He is viewed as a great comedian no doubt. But he's also very intelligent and has a fact based articulate composure to him. My bet is that Bill's guy will win in November.

The Tosa Thunder lost a tough soccer game 8-7 this afternoon. Dom Bavuso came with a Mohawk hair dew and played like a great warrior. Next Saturday I'll try and get the time right.

I'm picking Denver to win the Super Bowl by a 27-20 score. Hopefully, Peyton Manning rides off in the sunset and retires with a second championship.

It's Monte Carlo night in Jackson, WI. We'll be attending for the third consecutive year and we'll be meeting at Steve and Holly's house first. I would try and make it rain tonight but unfortunately it's snowing again!


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