Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Hulk Hogan Encounter

Good news, the third and last missing Cuban windsurfer was found yesterday off the Marquesa Keys which is about 20 minutes from Key West. I broke out in a smile when I heard he was ok. He was at sea for a total of 4 days trying to seek freedom and I've been following their story closely.

The Tosa Thunder ended up with a 7-7 tie today to end the first half of their indoor season. It was a well played game and their opponents tied it up on a last second shot with 3 seconds left.

My DMV experience to get my driver's license renewal went better than expected yesterday. I was completely done in about 40 minutes as it wasn't too crowded on a Friday afternoon. It certainly helped printing out the paperwork at home and filling it out before I went. All good for another 6 years.

Happy hour was fun at the Old German Beer Hall last night. We stretched it out to about 11pm as Krissy's work crowd is a fun bunch. At 6pm the bartenders actually give out free beer until an entire keg is drained. The person who gets the last free glass out of the keg actually gets to drink free for the rest of the night. The keg was gone in about 15 minutes and nobody in our group drew the last glass. We were even privy to the National Anthem singer from Miller Park singing an impromptu song, what a great voice. It was good to see everyone again and some photos are at the end of the blog.

Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE action but this time as a host after a 7 year absence. I ran into the Hulkster in Clearwater Beach, Florida back in 1991. I was on a parasailing raft getting strapped in when this mammoth man drove by in an expensive race boat. It parked in about 4 feet of water and Hulk Hogan and 3 other wrestlers waded ashore for lunch.

After parasailing I ended up in the same restaurant and saw Mr. Hogan sitting at a table. He's just enormous in person and definitely the tannest human I've ever seen. Even more so than Krissy who is always tough to beat.

Well, I'm off to take a nap now. We're going to dinner at Coerpers's Five O'clock Club tonight for my birthday dinner. I can't wait.


Old German Beer Hall

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