Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Hamsters Or Pigs

The roads in Milwaukee are terrible from winter potholes like the rest of the towns throughout the great Midwest. $303 billion dollars has been budgeted for new roads and repairs. Critics are reaching and calling it a failed stimulus just waiting to happen. I just call it getting our roads fixed. Last time I looked, none of my neighbors rushed out and fixed them for me.

I watched the movie "Coneheads" with Coco yesterday. It didn't seem any funnier to me 20 years later, definitely not one of Dan Aykroyd's finest films.

We also watched an intense NBA game with the Chicago Bulls hustling themselves to a road victory in Atlanta. Watch Joakim Noah sometime to see how basketball should be played. He plays with the same intensity as his father Yannick Noah displayed playing professional tennis back in the 80's.

Summerfest announced another headliner. Hip Hop duo Outkast will be the June 29th feature act. There's still 2 main stage acts to be announced before we start hearing about the numerous side stage acts. Stay tuned.

The hunt for the man eating tiger continues in India. No new attacks have occurred although they don't have a missing person's bureau in the rugged India outback. A professional trapper has been brought in and believes he has been close a few times to the carnivorous tiger.

Coco asked for a hamster yesterday. No, we will not have any hamsters or anything resembling a rodent in the house. I offered him a dog instead and he'll think about it. When I was a kid I asked for a horse and settled for a dog. Now, I would take a pot bellied pig in a New York minute. Krissy says no to anything that we could actually eat. Apparently, I can't make anyone happy in the pet department.


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