Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gimme A Shirley Temple

I watched the Sochi games last night with Coco for a couple hours. He was really into the downhill skiing and ice skate racing. He was too young to remember much about the last winter Olympics, so it's all new to him. He had to write a brief report about another countries winter Olympic team. His assigned country was Jamaica so it was fairly brief.

There's another storm heading for Atlanta, Georgia. This time the grocery store shelves are empty and nobody is leaving their homes. A few weeks ago they did absolutely nothing. Maybe somewhere in the middle Atlanta!

Frank Puggle's Halloween picture will be on tomorrow's early news show on TMJ4 which. It's now channel 2 in Milwaukee.

Recent reports suggest that scientists might have found seasonal water on Mars. I'll never understand why we spend so many trillions on Mars exploration while so many people on this planet suffer.

The House is going to vote on a clean debt ceiling plan tonight. Not because they found the spirit of cooperation. They just couldn't agree on what to ask for!

There is a stock market doomsday report out there making me just shake my head. The naysayer shows a current stock market chart that resembles charts from 1928-29. This is why I strongly dislike investors who just use charts. They totally ignore current events, news, products and the world economy.

In 1929 there was no Facebook, Starbucks, nuclear energy or cell phones.
The world economy consisted of maybe a dozen countries and information took forever to get. It's not even comparing apples to oranges. More like the Wright brothers to the Blue Angels. Give me a break with the charts please.

The great Ambassador Shirley Temple Black passed away yesterday.  I know she was a famous child actor who made over 40 films, but she was actually in foreign service longer than acting. By all accounts, just a fabulous person who has a non-alcoholic drink named after her.



  1. I heard Frank Puggle has an upcoming screen test in Hollywood and has hired an agent. I also heard he was recently spotted in the Polo Lounge wearing a pair of sunglasses and drinking a piña colada in the company of a very stylish looking Beagle.

  2. However, I've also heard Frank Puggle has trouble hitting his "mark". Could be a deal killer. You heard it here first!!!