Monday, February 17, 2014

George Washington Spymaster

Woke up this morning to another snow. Just steady all day long with at least 6 inches.  A picture of your happy shoveler is below.

Some schools actually had classes today. Back in my day we used to get both Lincoln and Washington's day off from school which was February 12th and 22nd. Times change I guess, but I was born on the 22nd and was always thrilled at having my birthday off every year.

The stock market is closed today also. There should be a lot of action tomorrow as is typical after a 3 day weekend. Keep an eye on solar stocks. That portion of the energy sector has been on fire the last week.

It's exactly a month away from St. Patrick's Day. It's a huge holiday in Milwaukee. A lot of our friends take the day off from work and join us downtown to celebrate. It's hard to imagine all of this snow melting by then. Especially as I see a Caterpillar earth mover on our street clearing snow.

I watched a documentary on the Culper Spy Ring on the History Channel. George Washington was the spymaster of the ring which really gained traction after New York City was lost during the middle of the Revolutionary War. It actually kept West Point Military Academy out of British hands by exposing Benedict Arnold.  By all accounts, Arnold was close to Washington and had done a remarkable job for the colonies but simply tired of not getting paid. They passed on letters amongst the ring using invisible ink which they wrote between the lines of ordinary letters. Thus the term "read between the lines" was coined.


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