Friday, February 28, 2014

Stay Out Of Body Bags

I either woke up this morning to -7 degrees or -1 degree, not that it really matters at that point. Either my eyes are getting old or the television graphics are getting smaller. Although I never seem to have problems when the graphics say 80.

California is expecting 8 inches of rain. They are in a terrible drought but this isn't good news. This will bring flash floods and hill slides as it would be too much at one time. They can't win even when they get their wish.

My emissions mission turned into a bit of a nightmare. It never fails when it should be something routine. As I pulled up to the automotive shop and walked into the office it was nothing but a brush off. I politely explained that an emissions test should only take ten minutes but the two workers who didn't appear busy insisted that I needed an appointment and couldn't be done until Monday. Apparently texting on their phones is the main priority an hour before closing time.

That was never necessary when the State of Wisconsin provided this service. They have since outsourced it to minions like many other services through out the state. Although at this point, I would give anything for a minion to patch a pothole in this state. I guess this is what happens when you get a Governor more interested in running for president than caring for the people of his state.

So I went home and called around and finally found O'Reilly Automotive on Cherry Street which doesn't require an appointment. Thank you kind lady on the telephone, you made my day.

A 78 year old man woke up kicking in a body bag in the back room of a funeral parlor. Apparently, the Lexington, Mississippi coroner couldn't find a pulse or heartbeat so zipped the man off for embalming. I'm not really a person always calling for resignations like John McCain, but if you can't tell if somebody is dead maybe you shouldn't really be a coroner.


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