Saturday, March 1, 2014

King Solomon

We ventured out to the Up and Under bar last night to catch King Solomon, a top notch local reggae band. We've seen them quite a few times throughout the years and always see them at the state fair. The bar is less than a minute from our house so we didn't bother with coats. Naturally, it was snowing as we left. We had a nightcap at the Standard Tavern on our block.

The local paper is reporting that this is the coldest winter since 1979 and the tenth coldest ever in Milwaukee. March is starting out like the rest of the winter months. Slushy and about 16 degrees. It won't stop the St. Patrick Day festivities but I hope it gets a little better than this.

The second indoor soccer season starts today for the Tosa Thunder at 2pm. Hopefully, we'll regroup the defense and get a win today.

It will be interesting to see how the stock market reacts to the Ukraine situation this week. I'm thinking it will trade sideways until the Friday jobs report. I'm sure we'll end up seeing some sanctions or trade embargos so now is a good time to research how heavy any U.S. companies are business wise with Russia.

Gotta run to soccer.


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