Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dick Bacon

Well, I woke up early to get Coco to his 10am soccer game only to get there and discover it's 10am tomorrow. Every game so far has been on Saturdays. Definitely not a great start to the day.

We did happy hour and appetizers at Bosley's on Brady last night. They open their doors at 4pm and by 4:05 the place is packed. The very best happy hour in Milwaukee. Shrimp on grits, steak tacos and a bottle of cabernet all at half price.

The Chicago Bears resigned fan favorite Charles Tillman to a 1 year contract. It will be his 12th NFL season. The Green Bay Packers actually signed Bears castoff Julius Peppers to a hefty contract for a 34 year old with lots of mileage. We shall see how that works out.

Malaysian officials have brought in some shamans to help find the missing jetliner. The shamans met up at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and rowed an imaginary boat and performed a coconut ritual with 2 giant green coconuts. I'm sure the family members appreciate no stone being unturned.

Thru the years I keep hearing a certain repetitive name at happy hours. Whenever someone brings up tanning or how pasty Midwesterners are at this time of year someone always brings up Dick Bacon. He was a retired brewery worker who passed away in 2000 but he's become a cultural icon in Milwaukee.

Dick Bacon was his real name and he was deeply tan all year round. Not from tanning beds in the winter months but from an aluminum foil type of tent that he erected at Bradford Beach. Cold weather couldn't keep this man from his tan. When he passed away at the age of 68 it was from a heart attack and not skin cancer. He was also a nude model and a well built fitness buff. Along the way he indeed became legendary.


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