Saturday, March 8, 2014

Set Those Clocks Straight

We started our happy hour last night at the Roman Coin. A photo of their marvelous happy hour sign is below. After the Coin, we hung out at Hosed on Brady which is a firehouse themed bar right next to the Brady Street Firehouse. Then to Jack's for a late night dinner.

The Tosa Thunder came up with a huge 8-5 victory at their 8am game. Excellent passing against perhaps the division's top team was the key today.

Free agency starts in the NFL today. Many a young millionaire will sign even bigger contracts to become mega millionaires while giving fans throughout the country hope for a Super Bowl run.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. Daylight savings time is almost 100 years old now. Originally it wasn't very popular as many jobs required people to work for almost all daylight hours. Labor unions got rid of that nonsense. Most people seem to like it in Wisconsin. People get more daylight hours in summer and bars get an extra hour of business in the fall.


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