Friday, March 28, 2014

Going Over The Cliff

The Wisconsin Badgers advanced to the final eight in the NCAA tournament. It was a solid win over Baylor and that win certainly helps my bracket.

Better stock up on limes if you even see them. Apparently there's a massive lime shortage and prices have quadrupled in certain areas. Most of our limes actually come from Mexico. I imagine the Keys use all of their homegrown limes for the world's greatest Key Lime pie and tequila.

Larry Kudlow broadcasts his last show tonight before becoming a part-time contributor. I didn't always agree with Larry often but I enjoyed watching him. He's a fine man who displayed a great degree of civility on his show.

There's yet another oil spill. BP has already doubled their last estimate of the amount of oil spilled into Lake Michigan. Not a politician in sight protecting the clean water in this country.

The Montana woman who pushed her husband of eight days off a Glacier National Park cliff was sentenced to 30 years in prison. I can almost hear her mother now. She's really a good kid, just misunderstood.

An Elmbrook Church teacher in Brookfield, Wisconsin left her loaded semi-automatic handgun in the bathroom which first graders used. The safety was in the fire position. No job dismissal or disciplinary actions. In fact, police gave her the gun back the next day. Apparently it's not a crime to be an irresponsible idiot.

Governor Walker has signed a Wisconsin bill severely limiting previous early voting rights long established in this state. About 25 percent of the voters vote early to avoid long lines on election day. What's next? Take away our right to leave loaded guns in kiddie bathrooms???


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