Monday, March 24, 2014

Pre-Announcement Day

It seems like we are only hitting a high of 34 degrees today by the lake. The third day in a row it's been colder than the forecast. Still some significant snow piles with a week left in March.

The stock market is still jittery today with the Russian situation ongoing and some bad economic data in China. It looks like the markets could trade sideways until the next monthly jobs report.

Speaking of Russia, they have been kicked out of the G8 so now it's apparently just a G7. What am I going to do with all my G8 sports apparel now? I'm kidding about the sports apparel but Putin deserved the boot. Just don't do a massive grain embargo like we did in the 80's. That hurt the American farmer way too much. And don't send Europe our natural gas, that will just jack up prices on Americans next winter. Energy companies in this country are way more dishonest than the most crooked banker.

I have 7 teams left in the NCAA tournament and only 2 Final Four teams. My only hope is if Florida wins it all and everybody else is doing mediocre at best. Slim chance I know.

Summerfest has announced that ground stage headliners will be revealed Wednesday morning. So, this would be an announcement for an announcement! Stay tuned, now I have to check the online rumor bloggers because I'm not a patient person by nature. Some of these bloggers are actually pretty accurate with inside concert information. Have to run now and pick Coco up from school.


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