Friday, March 7, 2014

President's Love The Keys

The 2nd annual Humphrey Bogart Film Festival returns to Key Largo May 1-4. The fully restored African Queen is also available for cruises during the festival. Bogie is my all time favorite actor and I'm going to ride the African Queen someday.

The February jobs report came in slightly higher than anticipated this morning as did the jobs participation rate. January numbers were revised upwards which proved the investor panic that day was idiotic as I speculated at that time.

A speedy get well to Ted Turner who has been hospitalized in South America. He took a billboard company and turned it into a mega empire. This man truly is "cable television."

World famous surgeon Dr. Frank Jobe passed away yesterday. No, he didn't cure polio or the plague, but he sure fixed a ton of baseball pitchers. In my humble opinion, he deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his contribution to baseball. With a revolutionary surgical procedure for both the elbow and the shoulder, he literally saved the careers of scores of players including greats such as Orel Hershiser and Tommy John.

President Obama is visiting Key largo today. He isn't the first president to visit the keys. President's Taft, Eisenhower, Truman and Kennedy have all visited Key West. Harry Truman actually spent 175 days of his presidency in Key West and his quarters at the Naval Station were dubbed The Little White House. We haven't toured the Truman Annex yet but we plan to on our next visit.

Gotta run, it's five o'clock somewhere and we have a happy hour to attend!


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