Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's All Die Twice

The Senate will be in another recess next week. Good to see some folks will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day for a whole week, I guess.

So far I haven't seen much opposition to the new overtime proposals. Only from the white collar employers naturally. Almost everyone I've ever known who has worked a salary job has been expected to work 48-50 hours a week. It's never stated, just implied in various ways and a life of misery or demotion if one doesn't comply.

Still no signs of the missing Malaysia airliner. There's a new theory that perhaps it was hijacked and landed on some island sight unseen. Really? The Boeing 777 isn't some Cessna that you can land on a third world dirt strip!

Lady Gaga was vomited on last night at her concert. On purpose! This gives new meaning to performance art. I always thought she was too talented to rely on gimmicks but maybe not. We shall see if she is touring with Alice Cooper in the future.

Walter Williams died for the second time in 2 weeks yesterday. If you recall, the Mississippi man woke up in a body bag at a coroners office 2 weeks ago. Naturally, they stopped the embalming process and returned him to the hospital as a miracle well done. Sadly, they "think he's gone this time." I would imagine that doctors and coroners alike reached out for a second opinions this time around.

It's 52 degrees, sunny and the snow is melting. I'm heading out to happy hour and my first toast is for Mr. Williams. Rest in peace Walter.


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